Finnish Comedian Ismo Unravels Absurdity of American Life, Language
Jan 16 2020 –
If you type “Finnish comedian” into Google, only one name comes up. The dozens of hits for Ismo Leikola include everything from a recent feature in Washington Post and the viral YouTube clip of his 2018 breakthrough performance on Conan… Read More

The Language of Stand-up Comedy
Jan 7 2020 –
Taking the stage and sharing their best five minutes is already as terrifying an experience as any stand-up comedian is likely to white-knuckle their way through…. Read More

Finnish-Born Comedian Ismo is a Man of Many Words
Aug 7 2019 –
Nearly four years have passed since Ismo decided to leave the comforts of his native Finland and take a crack at the U.S. comedy scene. He quickly found a home on the stand-up circuit, booking his fair share of gigs… Read More

Finnish Stand-Up Comic Ismo Brings the Funny on NBC Competition Series
Jul 9 2019 –
NBC is getting in the funny business with it’s new show ‘Bring the Funny.’ Finnish comic Ismo joins Cheddar to discuss what it takes to compete on the new series. Read More

Meet the Contestants on NBC’s ‘Bring the Funny’
Jun 4 2019 –
Yesterday we share the first artwork from NBC’s new comedy competitions show, Bring the Funny. Hosted by Amanda Seales and featuring Kenan Thompson, Chrissy Teigen and Jeff Foxworthy as judges, Bring the Funny isn’t just about stand-up… Read More

Comedian Ismo on His Comedy Tour & New Show ‘Bring the Funny’
Jul 3 2019 –
You can see Ismo doing his stand-up at several locations! He’ll be at the Hollywood Improv on Saturday, July 20. Also at the Ice House in Pasadena on Saturday, August 17. And at the Irvine Improv on September 22… Read More

Seven Selfies with Ismo!
Jul 16 2019 –
It’s a selfie world, and we’re not going to fight it anymore. So our series, Seven Selfies, asks an artist to share seven photos of themselves, taken by themselves, to share a day in their life… Read More

Finnish Comedian Ismo Breaks Down the English Language
May 24 2019 –
HOUSTON — Finnish comedian, Ismo, once commanded a military unit and studied physics in college, but chose to follow a career in stand-up comedy instead.  It turned out to be the right decision because he’s been named “The Funniest Person in the World”… Read More

Ismo is in Chicagoland at the Improv with Funny from Finland!
May 14 2019 –
Headlining comedy star and Laugh Factory World’s Funniest comedian ISMO joins Dane “On The Road”. Hear as ISMO shares his career in comedy, growing up in Finland and the journey to national TV stardom in America and around the world… Read More

Merriam Webster Teams Up with Comedian Ismo
Jan 14 2019 –
The charming quirks of the English language are on full display in a series of new videos performed by the Finnish comedian ISMO in cooperation with Merriam-Webster, a division of the Encyclopaedia Britannica Group… Read More

Stand-Up Comedian Ismo Leikola Brings Finnish Perspective to U.S.
Jul 30 2018 –
Named in 2014 as “The World’s Funniest Person” in a contest sponsored by the Los Angeles comedy club The Laugh Factory, comedian Ismo Leikola, or Ismo, has made a career out of mining his Finnish outsider status… Read More

JFL42, Toronto, ON, September 20
Sep 21 2018 –
How many comedians can you name from Finland? Chances are that you can barely name one. That one comedian is Ismo, the only Finnish comedian who has not only learned to perform fluently in English… Read More

An Absurdist Yet Ultimately Logical Hour From a Childlike Outsider
Aug 2 2018 –
It’s common for comics from outside of British culture to poke fun at the differences in our ways and language, but Finnish stand-up Ismo Leikola takes his deconstruction of the English language… Read More

MICF 2018 Review: Ismo Leikola, a Breath of Fresh Finnair
Apr 11 2018 –
Ismo Leikola is obsessed with the English language. Actually, he’s obsessed with a lot of things: warm weather, his wife’s numerous bathroom products and the sounds men make when they’re, ahem, having a nice time… Read More

Kicking Ass
Apr 11 2018 –
He says ass could be the most complicated word in the English language. For example, “lazy-ass” just means lazy – the “ass” is optional – but “bad-ass” means good. Meanwhile, “move your ass” means move everything… Read More

Why ‘Ass’ Is the Most Complicated Word in English
Jan 24 2018 –
Ismo Leikola has become the first Finnish stand-up to appear on American TV.
The comic spoke about the vagaries of American slang and euphemism in his set, including why ‘ass’ was… Read More

Finnish Comedian Ismo on Conan
Sean L. McCarthy – Jan 23 2018 –
For the first time, a stand-up comedian from Finland performed on American TV. Call him Ismo!
Ismo Leikola is a big deal over in Finland, and moved to America after winning the Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World contestRead More